Thursday, November 15, 2012

SO mad at She

Today She putted my Mini babydog in a BOX and She putted my Mini babydog in She car!
And then I do tried to getted in She car too but She do not letted me. Or Aswell too!
She do maked we getted back in we house and then She do drived away with my Mini babydog. 
And when She do comed back to home, She do not had we Mini babydog with She!
My Mini babydog do be going for a drive in a very big truck with she's new man and then she will get to she's new home and she will had a new lady and a new dog friend too!
I do be glad that my Mini babydog will had a good home but I do thinked She might should had taked me to meet she's new man, don't you?!


  1. Awww that is such good news that Mini gots to find a forever home!

  2. Me wish Mini a very happy time in new home.

  3. I do liked for we babydogs to had good new homes but I do thinked She do better letted me smell they new families so's I can maked sure I do liked they!!

    Someone do be coming a very long way to see we Data on Saturday, so we might could had NO babydogs soon! She and me will be a little bit sad to had no more babydogs!

  4. Maybe you could had some more babydogs? I might could not be skerred of them next time.