Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Do you thinked I do be a monster?!

He sayed She might could had maked a monster!

And I do thinked He might could had beed talking about me!

I do not thinked I do be a monster!!

But I do liked for things to be right so I do getted upsetted if my food dish or my water dish do getted emptied!

He sayed I can walked to the kitchen to we old food dish and water dish but now I do had my very own food and water dish near my babydogs I do not thinked I will liked to go to the kitchen!

I will liked to tell He and She that my dish do be emptied and He or She can filled it for me!

It did not beed MY fault my dish getted empty at 3:50 in the sleeptime!

She taked some new pictures of my babydogs... I think you will liked to see they!

I do make cute babydogs...and Aswell helped too, a little bit. He sayed! 

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  1. Awww, I am sorry. I hope u and the babehs are okay. :)