Wednesday, August 8, 2012


He do beed getting very mad at all we barking!

So She & Tamara & Jessa do goed to the store and looked for a way for to helped we to remembered to not maked He getted so mad with we barking.

She do bringed home a birdhouse and She do putted it outside and do you knowed what?

That birdhouse do maked a bad noise if we do barked too much!

I do not liked that birdhouse!!

I do not liked to had to wait until She getted done in the bathroom to get letted back in we house in the morning.

I do liked to bark and bark and maked He getted up to let me in!!!

But I do not bark and bark and wake He up any more because I do not liked that noise more than I do not liked to wait.



  1. Poor Kali! That do not be fair. I do not barks too much. I do only barks when mine human beans telled me I played too rough with them. But you know what do not be fair? They do not liked that very much. They say OWW and that maked me stop, but then I has to barked to telled them I do not be very happy about stopping such a gooder game as what puppies such as me like to play. I do be happy when mine human bean Fran taked me to my friends. Then I do not barks 'cause I do play! Maybe I can come and played with you? Then I will not be barking and that bird house do not have to maked bad noises.

  2. I used to make noise when I heard the garage door open. Now, I am not skeered of it no more.

  3. We understand. We're dogs, we hear noise. We bark. Peeps seem not to get that. But sometimes we bark because my sister starts. She has really good hearing.

  4. LOL Kali, you sound like your parents, they had a bird house that made funny noises too, but that only worked for awhile, and then they barked again once used to the bird house. We are trying a collar, just like your Klick fence, cause barking too much upsets the whole house, and neighbours too.!

  5. Some days, I wish I knew how to bark!