Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Tonight He & She had to go in the car and He & She did not taked we!!

That was not too good.

It do not be school day!

He & She do only leaved we on schoolday and today do not be schoolday!! TOMORROW do be schoolday!

But She getted She poem in a book and She do had to go read She's poem to those people.

I do not know why. Maybe they do not knowed how to read the book so She has to read it to they?

ANYWAY then when He & She do getted back home we is very excited and happy and we do jumped all over and barked and eated and run outside and run inside and run outside again and it do taked we some times to settled down again.

And we was being hyper hyper hyper puppies and He was taking He's pills out of He's cigarette box and He thinked one falled down but He & She looked and looked and He & She can not finded it and He & She do be getting more & more upset cuz He & She thinked maybe I might did find it and eated it!!

He & She taked everything off we table and out of She's purse and sweeped the floor and looked and looked by He & She do not finded that pill!

So then He telled She to go find out how to maked puppies puke and She do go looked on google and She finded out She can gived we hydrogen peroxide but we do not had any and anyway I do not thinked I will liked to puke!

So we did had a big emergency!!

But THEN He looked in He's cigarettes for one more time and YAY!!! That pill do be hiding in He's cigarette box and we do not really had a big emergency and we is all safe and happy too!!

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  1. Oooh, I am very glad you did not have to bomit. That is No Fun!