Saturday, March 31, 2012

We treat ball

Do you knowed where we treat ball do be?

We do not knowed where it do be hiding neither!!

We do missed we treat ball!
We do had a big one AND a little one and we do liked to eat we food from we big treat ball but we do losed it sometimes!!
Sometimes Aswell sneaked that treat ball in he's crate.
Sometimes Aswell do taked that treat ball outside.
Sometimes Aswell do pushed that treat ball under She's bed.
Aswell do be a very bad boy sometimes!
She did looked in Aswell's crate and She did looked outside and She did looked under She's bed and we's couches and She's desk and He's dresser and in we closets and OH NO!!! We treat ball did getted VERY losted!
She did finded we little treat ball under we couch though but we do not liked that treat ball too good because it do be too small and it hole do be too big so all we food do comed out all at once and that do not be any funs!


  1. I hope you find your treat ball soon, this could be a tragedy if it is lost forever!

  2. She finded it!!!

    But then we losed it again!!

    But then He finded it!!!

    I thinked She might should buy some more treatballs. Maybe 2. Or ... um... seventyleven!!!!