Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today She were so sad cuz Maggi goed to the Rainbow Bridge.

We did not ever getted to meet Maggi but She did seed lots of pictures of she cuz Maggi lived with She's far away friends.

Maggi was the bestest model dog and Maggi letted she's peoples dress she up in lots of costumes and she did not minded to get lots of pictures tooked.

And Maggi was a beagle dog.

AND She is worried too cuz Maggi's sister dog got hurted by a car too and she gotted bad owies but she finded she's way home even though she getted broken. She and me and Aswell do hoped hoped hoped Lily will be okay. But she is at the doctor place and they do not knowed if they might could fix she yet because she do has SO many owies.

Today was a very very sad day.... and She keeped remembering Scrooge too and She is just too sad and She needed lots of puppy cuddles today.

But Aswell and He both did stop sicking all over we house so that do be ONE good thing! She do liked puppy cuddles gooder when She do not had to worry about getting sicked on.

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  1. Oh, I am so sad that Maggi had to go to the Rainbow bridge. I hope Lily will get all better. I will purr for her.