Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Playing Outside

We do be having SO MUCH FUN!!

We can play outside when we wanted to!

We can go in and out we own door again!

And the bugs do be coming back so now He can go killed the bugs and He do liked to work cuz when He do worked He do getted to maked moneys! To buy we treats!! Bugs is GOOD! 'Cept not in we house and not in we furs!

Spring do be such a happy time!

She sayed She and He will soon had to give we a spa day cuz now we do not needed so much furs to stay warm so we can had we furs cut! And then we might could see good again!


  1. Big bugs you can play with and eat are fun. Small bugs that crawl in your furs are NO FUNS!

  2. yay for bugs (when they are outside) but more importantly yay for haircuts for you guys cus you look so goofy and cute with haircuts