Saturday, March 17, 2012

NOT funny!

Sometimes She is not too very funny!

Today She was getted mad at we cause there DO be a lot of birds and peoples and dogs outside and we DO had to barked a lot and one time She maked we come in to shutted up so we sneaked in the bedroom and we opened the bedroom door all by we ownself and we getted out so we can barked some more and She did not liked we to do that too much!

But then we was being more quieted and we did getted to go outside and stay outside to play some more and we did go out and come in and go out and come in just caused we did wanted to.

So then She played a not too very funny joke on we!

We did be outside we door and She did putted He's tuna bowl down on we floor for we but She did not opened the door so we could come in and clean He's tuna bowl for He!!

We did everything we knowed how to do to getted treats but She pretended She did not knowed why we was dancing and sitting and laying down because we do those things to getted we treats, NOT to getted we door opened for we.

That was not too funny!

But then She did opened we door and we did getted to eat He's tuna and it was very good tuna too!

And now She is baking bananner bread and we might like to had some! We do be waiting very nice because we do hoped She will letted we lick the bowl when She is done but She is waiting for He to comed back with He's walnuts cuz He sayed bananner bread do had to had walnuts.

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