Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun for we, not for He

Today He decided He should wash all we floors.

There was a little bit of peeing on we floors last night but it were not - mostly - me!!

Anyway, He sayed He wanted to wash we floors so She sayed She will take we for we walk so He can washed the floors without Aswell biting He's brooms and mops cuz Aswell do liked to chase and bite He's stuffs.

So He helped She put we outside over the ZZZZTTTs cuz She is not 'posed to lift anything yet not even WE cuz She getted She's inside cutted and stitched and She taked we for a walk and He stayed home and He washed all we floors!

We did had a fun walk!! It is not too freezed out today so we finded lots and lots of muds!! And waters!! And slushes!!!

But guess what?! That did not beed too very good for He's nice clean floors!

We do be getting muddy little feets all over He's floors.

We walk do be fun for we, but not too much for He. And She did getted too tired and weared out too so I do not thinked we might could had another walk today. Good thing Max learned to stop getting zzzzttts so we can all go outside in we yard.

And get more muddy!!!!

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