Thursday, February 23, 2012

We couch

today we couch did not had a good day!

In the morning, She getted up and ~someone~ who is visiting we had peed on the back of we couch where He sitted and made a LAKE of pee that went all the way across the floor!

So we knowed who did that pee cuz only one dog gotted a BIG bladder even though he do be littler than we.

So She cleaned that all up and then Aswell getted pukey and guess what?! He sicked ALL over the couch!! It was SO disgusting!!

And She would not letted me helped to cleaned it up, either.

We poor couch do needed a steam cleaning. She sayed. I do not knowed what that do be but that couch sure did not had a good day!

But we did!

We getted to go for a extra walk!! When it do be dark!! We did liked that!!

Usually at night Aswell and me just goed to the pen but Max liked to walk so we all getted to go for a bedtime walk!

That do be FUN!


  1. HI,

    Very very interesting post..I like this one. gotta bookmark this one.


  2. Wowie, two different accidents on the couch! Poor couchie.