Monday, February 20, 2012

Three dogs

Three dogs is not so bad cuz we do all be pretty small dogs so we do all fitted on the bed with He. And even with She too!

When She went to bed last night Max was out on he's blanket but when She waked up, Max was all curled up with Aswell 'side She's legs.

We did go for a walk all three of we too!! She taked we.

We did walked nice mostly but Max do thinked he might like to be the boss and She do not thinked so! Max did not wanted to come back when She wanted to turn around and come back. He thinked we will liked to keep going and going.

Max still can not come out to play with we though. He do not learned good about the zzzzttts!

He DO learned not to go far on the driveway but he still do tries to go out nother ways. He do not payed attention to clickies!

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