Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cherry Pie

I do not thinked that do be too fair!!!

She did be having a birthday today and we do be supposed to had CAKE!!!

But She did not wanted any cake so She and He eated cherry pie that Tamara gived to She and He.

But Kali & me do not LIKED no cherry pies!! Not even if Tamara maked it!!

She and He DO liked that pie but we do not.

So that do be a very bad birthday plan, huh?! She should go buyed CAKE!


  1. My Mommeh likes cherry pie, too! Ask her to put vaniller ice cream on top so you can have some of that instead!

  2. Maybe you will get a very nice cake on your Birthdays. On your Birthdays you are to get what YOU want so She can have pie on hers and you can have Cake on yours.
    Hope you were very nice to She on her Birthday.