Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Running out of foods!!!

You might thinked running out of dog foods would be a 'MERGENCY!!

I did thinked so! And Aswell too!

We dish was EMPTY and we telled He and She and He sayed oops! We need puppy foods.

But we was hungry right then! We did not wanted to wait for He and She to go to the store.

That do be a 'MERGENCY, huh?

But it did not be a 'MERGENCY cuz do you know why? Cuz He gived we sardines!

We do liked sardines very much!!

We eated we sardines and we do liked they and then He and She camed home with we foods.

So we did not had a 'mergency at all - we had a TREAT! Sardines is yummy!


  1. You silly doggies. Sardines is for kitties!

  2. I would love to fill up on sardinies!

  3. He sayed we do be good kitties cuz we do liked sardines to eat and we do curled up on the back of we couch and Aswell do liked to eated mouses too!

    We might could be kitties but 'cept we is cockapoos and cockapoos is dogs not kitties!