Friday, December 2, 2011

Free foods

Today WeGrandma sended She a link to The Crazy Suburban Mom blog cuz WeGrandma thinked we might could winned some free foods to try!

We do liked foods!

We did not had any
Natural Balance Foods yet so maybe we might had to try some.

Do you knowed that there do be lots of foods we liked?

Today we eated onions and meat for breakfast. She did not thinked we would liked those onions but She did not wanted they so She leaved they for we and we eated they right up.

And the nother day we had a big fight over She's leftover salad. When we was puppies only Aswell will liked to eat salad. I only liked to lick the lettuce to getted the dressing and stuff I liked.

But now we is growing up dogs we eated it all up. And I do liked that salad too.

So that is why I had to beated Aswell up just a little bit.

But do not worry. I did not hurt he.

Anyway, if you might like to try to winned some
Natural Balance foods to try you should go and visit the Crazy Suburban Mom too - but I hope you might could not win WE foods though!


  1. You eated lettuce and salad?! You two are silly puppies!

  2. Sony Dog says that them salads are yummy. Specially without any of that silly salad dressing!

  3. salad is yummy! but today we is eating steaks!

    Well, She and He will eated steaks but we knowed they will share.