Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meet Froggy

You will like to meet my friend Froggy!

Froggy do not see too good!! Do you see?! Someone might could have bited he's eye right off!!

Poor Froggy!! I will taked care of you!!

Today Froggy remembered how to ribbit!! That was so exciting!! I played and played with Froggy all day!!

But then he's ribbitter breaked again. He did try to fixed Froggy but He did not. Poor poor Froggy!!
But Froggy can still be mine almost bestest friend. Only Kali sayed SHE is my MOST bestest friend.


  1. i remember that froggy...too bad it doesn't ribbit anymore but at least you can still play with him

  2. I'm sorry your froggy got a busted eyeball and ribbiter. He can still be a good friend though.