Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today He & She goed away and when He & She camed back He & She had new bones!!

In they bags!!!

And oh mine goodness those bones did smelled SO good!!!

I was running outside to go pee but when I runned past He I smelled those bones and I stopped and runned back to go smell they and I forgetted I had to go pee!!!

And guess what?! She did not maked we wait until He & She goed fishing to had those bones!

We is chewing they already!!

And they do be SO good!

But we do had to have one problem because Aswell do not wanted to share he's bone with me!

He did tried to take he's bone back but I growled at Aswell!!! Aswell backs right off if I growls at he cuz he knowed I can beated he up!! But I cannot beated She up, so I did had to letted Aswell had he's bone. She just comed and taked it right away!!!!! I will like to bark and bark and fight with Aswell so I can have two bones but She do not liked me to do that and when I do that do you know what will happen?!

She will taked both we bones away!!!! I hate it when that happened!!!!

Now I do be hiding with my own bone so She do not come and take it away too!!! I am a good hider, huh?

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