Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Fishing

Today She sayed we can go fishing with She & He again!

She takes we clicky collar off and letted we run down the dock all by we self.

So we do and we is way excited and we run all the way to He in the boat!!! And then I thinked no, wait!!! Maybe I do not wanted to go in the boat!!

So I runned all the way back again and Aswell do wanted to get in the boat but then when he seed me running away he runned after me and he jumped in the lake and swimmed!!!

And then She called we but I did not go to She but Aswell did but He had to come to getted me and carry me back to the boat and I did not thinked that was a good idea to go in the boat but He did maked me.

BUT once we was in the boat I was not so skerred no more and I do liked Aswell!

We climbed!!

We sitted and standed and jumped and 'xplored everywhere! We liked to stand on the edge of the boat and maked She skerred! That do be so fun!!

And we both maked She SO nervous!!!

And then we had a BIG fight!!! And She had to grabbed Aswell and taked he away from me!!! Cuz I was mad at Aswell cuz he wanted to licked my neck and I did not wanted he to!!!! So I fighted with Aswell and She getted mad at we for fighting.

And then we stopped fighting and we was jumping up on the front of the boat and looking over the edge for the fishies in the water and that was fun and we do not fighted no more!

And THEN do you know what happened? HE CLOSED THE WINDOW-DOOR!!!!

And I did not seed He closed that window-door so I tried to jumped up on the front of the boat again and I banged mine head!!!!! And that HURTED mine head!!

Well, it did not really hurted too much but it did maked me look silly and I did not liked to look silly! Silly is Aswell's job, not mine!


  1. you guys should try to be good on the boat all the time...they might leave you otherwise...

    and poor kali girl...banging your head on the dumb and so you'll be more careful now huh? :)

  2. Oh Kali, you always have such exciting adventures!