Saturday, July 16, 2011


She and He do not liked we to barks we fool heads off when He and She goed fishing.

When they taked the boat and do not taked we (that is very bad of they, do you not thinked so?) they do not cared too much. They can drive they boat across the lake so they do not had to listen to we barking we fool heads off!!

But sometime they do wanted to fish off we dock!!

Mostly He fished off we dock and we stayed in we yard with She but He wanted She to go fished off we dock with He so She tried taking we out on the dock!!

She taked Aswell's clicky collar off and She carried we over the zzzztt line and then She putted we down and we can run up and down we dock and play and fall in the water and jump in the lake and has a fun time with He and She on we dock!!

Except for me cuz I is a little skerredy dog at first when I getted to do something new so I getted skerred and I runned away to the zzztt line and I sitted there and looked very very sad so She camed to get me and I thinked She will carry me across the zzttt so I do not getted zzzztttd but She do NOT!!

She carried me back to the end of we dock!!! And She holded me and She petted me and She telled me I is a brave good puppy and then when my heart slowed down again She putted me on the dock and She petted me more and I do not getted skerred any more!

Except then She thinked She might liked me to be more skerred again!!

Cuz Aswell jumped in we lake again and I thinked that might be a good idea so I do that too but Aswell runned away over to nother people's houses and He is very bad and do not comed for She!!

And He catched a big fish and it is not a good fish to eat but He did not knowed that until He getted it in the net so He yelled for She to getted the net and She has to get the net and Aswell and me comed to see but then we thinked we can run off again and Aswell runned way far away!!!!

And I goes in the lake to swim and I is gone under we dock and She cannot seed me so She is getting all stressed out cuz I did not never swimmed in we lake before cept with He holding me tummy so She do not wanted me to go too far!!

SO She putted He's big fish on the outside table and She leaved Aswell and me running 'round being naughty (Aswell were being naughty but not ME!! of course!!) and She goed in we house!!!!!

She goed away and LEAVED we outside!!! We do not liked that so we both comed back and we climbed up on we dock and we looked to see where He be and where She be!!!

And She comes back with chicken treats!!!

We do liked we chicken treats!! We like to dance for chickens!! Aswell dances around in a circle and I jumps WAY up high!!! Next time Tamara and Jess comes to see we She will get they to make a movie of we dance!!

ANYWAY! So She had chickens so I went to see She when She called and I sitted pretty but Aswell did not!!!

I wanted the chicken but I did not wanted She to catched me and putted my clicky collar back on!!

So Aswell tries to snatch the chicken and runned away!!! That is SO BAD!!!!

But do not worry. She did not putted up with that. She doed not give Aswell chicken until he sitted good and letted She picked he up but do you know what?! Aswell is SO dirty and muddy She thinked we might need to had a bath before we goes to bed!!

And then ... yes, there IS more in we adventure!!! .... then She putted my clicky collar on too just in case I getted any bright ideas even though I do not weared my collar for lots and lots of days because I am such a good girl and I stayed in we yard even if I do not heared any clickies... and THEN She letted we play outside but we has to stay in we yard but THEN She do not letted we play outside because we did barked we fool heads off at He's fish!!!!!!


  1. I might meow my fool head off for fish!!! It sounds like you two had loads of fun, even if Aswell was a little bit Bad. I would love to see your chicken dance!

  2. That fish was begin bad!! She putted it on we outside table but it jumped off and was flopping all around on we yard!!

    Of COURSE we did had to bark!! We had to telled She that fish was getting away!