Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boxes & Bones

He and She hadded a disagreement about we and we boxes!

He keeped feeling like it do be "mean" to put we in we boxes when He & She goed out and do not take we.

She thinked we do be just fine in we boxes and we do not barked so much and getted into SO MUCH TROUBLE when He & She goed out.

So She 'xperimented when we was at the 'nother house with She and not He and She finded out that if She leaved we loose in the nother house we do bark the whole time She is goned!

But if She putted we in we boxes we is quiet and we only barked when She comed back and we wanted She to hurry up and open we doors!

SO anyway... She thinked we feeled safer IN we boxes and She did wanted we to use our boxes.

But He did not want to.

But then He and She do goed fishing so much times and do you know what we does if we do not getted to go? We bark and bark and bark and bark and BARK!!!!

And He can heared we over the water and He do not liked it.

So yesterday He had He friends to go fishing with He and He was distracted and She sneaked!

She putted we in we boxes with a YUMMY YUMMY BONE and She went fishing with He and He's friends for a little while and He did not noticed until He and She camed home and there do be NO BARKING!!!

Cuz we do beed too busy chewing we bones!!

And today we goed in we boxes with we bones again and we do not barked again!

We do liked we boxes - but 'cept for She takes we bones away when She comed back cuz we fighted over they cuz Aswell do not shared good!

I liked to had both we bones but Aswell barked and barked and barked and She getted annoyed and taked they away.


  1. Yes,I think it is nice to stay in your little box-dens and eat bones while they are gone!

  2. He stopped saying no now cuz He seed that we do liked we boxes!

    When He & She used to get ready to go out Aswell and me used to run to outside and not comed back in when She called us. But now we runs to get in we boxes with we bones!!