Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All wet!!!

Today we is very all wet!!!!

That is cuz He had a bath and then He decided that it would be a good idea for we to has a bath too!!

And so we did!! and now we is runing around getting we wet all over the house and we is fighting and playing and very very hyper.

She sayed we is silly wet puppies!!

She laughs at we... and that be good cuz She was making crabilated faces before we getted all wet.

She sayed She has a head ache and a meeting She do not wanted to go to and too much work to getted done.... and She would rather just go fishing!!!

And we too!!!


  1. You two ARE very silly wet puppies! I wish I could have seen you acting like little wet maniacs.

  2. That is JUST what we acted like! She sayed!

    Next time He thinked we should has a bath, I will tell She to getted the camera!