Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We do not getted to go out in the boat with He & She.

That is not so fair! Max getted to go in the boat. And Jack getted to go in He and She's boat, even!!! That is Jack in the boat with he's kids, Hunter & Colton, and they mom. They had fun in the boat and Colton catched a big fish!! They all goes in the boat!!!! But not we!!!
We do not liked to stay home alone when He and She goes in the boat!!

We 'specially do not liked it yesterday! They gotted breaked and they was not here a very long time!

Good thing She's phone didn't died too soon. She getted She's kid to call Hank to come to taked care of us. THEN She used She's phone to getted help so He and She would not has to stayed in the boat in the lake all night.

She knowed She's priorities, huh!?

Next time She and He should take we on the boat! We will telled it not to break!

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