Monday, May 16, 2011

She camed home

The nother day He and we goed in the van and we goed to see She again.

And this time She camed home with us too!!

We are glad She is home with we.

She seed we can be good in we yard with no fence too!!

Because we do not has to had a fence any more. We do knowed that when we clicks we should turn around!

We is clever dogs!

But do you knowed what? If He forgetted to put we's collars on, we do not clicks and then we can go very very far!!

And that DO be the MOST FUN!!

For we - but not so much for He.


  1. I think you should always wear your collars and always listen for the clicks. On account of I want you to be safe!

  2. She do bees nagging He to fix a new fence or pen for we. I do not knowed why She would wanted a pen but Aswell do liked to chew pens and get all inky!

    She sayed we be good to stay in the clickie yard but we should had a fence to keep nother dogs and stuffs out - specially if He do wanted to get we fixed yet. But we is not broked though!