Monday, May 23, 2011

At the Groomer

Kali on table I do not knowed why I had to go first! I am the skerredy dog!
Better Aswell should go first but NO!!!
I getted my furs cutted off!
Kali in tub Then I hadded a bath!! That tub is very very slippy!!
Then Wayne the groomer guy skerred me with the blower!! I whines SO loud!! I had to so She can heared me over that blower!! Because it do be too loud! And skerry!
Kali done; Aswell is next Then I getted to be all done!! I getted a chicken but I did beed too upset to eat it. I did eated it when I calmed down though. Then it was Aswell's turn!! But first the groomer man hadded to send one dog home with he's He and She. And then he hadded to catched Sam cuz Sam getted to run away. And then it were Aswell's turn!

Aswell almost done We do looked very different now, huh?! But we are still very cute. She sayed!
at home 1

at home 2

at home 3

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