Friday, April 29, 2011

I is not a brat!!

But She and Aswell do sayed I do be a brat!

When we goed to bed in we crates, we gets a hard chewie and a soft dentabone chewie too!

We eats that soft chewie right away. We do loved those dentabone chewies! As soon as She opened the bag we runned very fast right to we beds!! And we eated those chewies up right fast.

But most times we do not eated the hard chewies when it do be sleeping time. We shutted up and goed to sleeps!

But tonight I getted chewing and my bone went all gone!!!

I did not liked that!!!

So then I getted an idea!

Aswell did still have he's bone in he's bed. So I whines and whines and She thinked I has to go downstairs to go pee or poops so She grumbles but She do letted we out of we beds!!

And She thinked we will go downtairs to go out and Aswell do runs down the stairs but I runned in Aswell's bed and I getted he's bone and I putted it in MY bed and THEN I runned downstairs too!!

Too bad She seed me!!!

She sayed I bees a brat!! And Aswell do wanted to fight with me to get he's bone back too!! Bad Aswell! He is not such a good sharer!

I do not getted to keep Aswell's bone! She taked it back and gived it to Aswell. Too bad!!

I were all ready to whine and cry some more but do you knowed what?! She gived me a NOTHER bedtime bone!!

Two bedtime bones for me!! That do beed a GOOD deal!

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  1. Wowie, Kali, that was a great idear you had! And I'm glad it all worked out in the end.