Monday, March 28, 2011


She and He sayed I talked too much, and so do Aswell too.

But Jessa and Tamara sayed I do not talked enough!

They is bugging She to help me to writed my blog. So here I is.

Do you knowed that Aswell was awayed last week? He stayed with Tamara at the nother house cuz he and me was having lots of ~issues~

That is the word She sayed is good to use cuz it would be maybe TMI to know why Aswell and me needed to be aparted. Do you thinked so?

I do not thinked so but anyway, now we is all back home again.

She and He and me - and Aswell too!! That do be good news, huh!?

Now I has to go read my friends
Harley and Daisy's blog. She do has beened so busy with She's stoopid test that She did not had time for blogs but now She is done and so now She do. And me too!


  1. you do talk too the wrong

    aswell sure was lucky to get to stay with me...he was spoiled...

  2. Oh, what sort of "issues" were you having? I think I have an idea...

    I'm glad you are back together. I'm glad you talked a lots!