Monday, March 7, 2011

New fun!!

I finded a new game today!!

It were SO fun!!

Kali and me was outside playing cuz it do be nice outside today and Kali and me do liked to be outside when it do not be cold.

I hided!!

And He can not finded me!!

He and She thinked I runned away again.

Silly He and She! I do not liked to get zzzztttt!!!!

I can go over the fence but I do not cuz there do not beed any place to go or I might get zzzztttt!

So I hided unner the deck and I do not camed out when He called me!!

So He did not getted to go to work cuz He and She hadded to finded me!!

They was getting worried so I barked a little bit though. Then they finded me!!!

Hide & seek is SO FUN!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I'll bet He had lots of fun being late for work, too! I might have to try a trick like that, myself. Good times!