Sunday, March 6, 2011


Tamara buyed us new leashes.
But they is broked!!
They do look nice. Mine is red like my collar.
And mine is blue like my collar!!!
That was a good plan!!
But these leashes do not worked so good!!
Today He wanted to vacuum.
He do not like She to be in the house when He vacuums
cuz She do coughs too much when there be dust.
So He telled we to take She for a walk!
So we do goed for a walk and we beed
so excited to try we new leashes again!!
She 'members She has to carry we over the clickety-zzztt flags.
So we do not getted zzzztttt'd!
So we tried to go for we walk.
But those new leashes do not worked good at all!!!
Every time we pulled those leashes, She stopped walking!!
We can not pulled She ANYWHERE!!!
We can not pulled She to smell the pees and poops!!
We can not pulled She up the snow pile!!!
She do not walks even one little bit when we pulled!!
So we has to
step, st--- STOP!
Step - STOP!
Step step step STOP!
St- STOP!!!
So many times!!!!!!!!
That do not beed a fun way to go for a walk!!!!
We spended too much times just
waiting for She to walk some more!!
I do thinked those new leashes is NO GOOD!!
And me too!!!!!
Maybe Tamara do needed to buy we new ones again!

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm, those broken leashes stole all your fun! Well, maybe they will work better when you learn not to pull.