Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home again

We stays at the nother house for
TWO SLEEPS!! this time.
But today we camed back home.
We like to be back home the bestest cuz we can play outside with no leashes.
And we do not runs away any more cuz if we goed outside the fence we collars do click click clicks and then if we do not payed attention those clicks go ZZZZTTT!! And I do not liked that!!
Or Aswell too!!!
And at we home house He and She do not has to groan and gets grumpy cuz we goed all the way up the stairs and then we wants to go all the way down the stairs to go back outside and then we changed our minds and we has to go all the way back upstairs and then we changes our itty bitty minds (that is what She sayed!!) and has to go all the way back down and up again.
I do not knowed why He and She do not liked to
run up and down the stairs.
I thinked it be FUN!!!
And Aswell too!

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  1. You are right! Tearing up and down the stairs is a very fun game.