Monday, February 21, 2011


Look!!!! That is a new dog we did not played with before!!!
He's name is Sony and he liked to play with me and Kali!
'Cept we do barked a lot at first!!!
But then we shutted up some more.
Sony liked to play with we better when we do not bark too much!

We plays outside!!!

That do be Auntie Fran. She taked the pictures of Sony and Kali and me.
Except some Uncle Robbie taked - like that one!
You can tell cuz Auntie Fran is in the picture!
I am getting to be very clever, huh!? She sayed so!

We runned around and barked and sniffed a lot!!

Then we thinked we would like to go in the house now.

Uncle Robbie getted his lap full. He do not minds too much.

Until Kali tried to gived him kisses.
He do not liked puppy kisses so much!!

There we is planning how to play.
I liked to jump on Sony a lot!
But he do getted mad at me and he maked me stop sometimes!
Sony can maked me fall right down on the floor!!!

But we do liked to play too.
And I shared my food and my water with Sony too.
Kali was not playing so much! She was staying with She mostly.
Yeah - cause She do had livers!!
And She gives me some when I sitted and layed down good.
I getted lots more livers than those hyper boys did! Ha!
I am a clever dog too!

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