Thursday, January 20, 2011

Running Away

We camed to the other house.

And we do not has a fence at this house.

So if someone opens the door and we gets out we can just run and run a very long way. But there do be cars and buses and lots of peoples so She and He do not likes for us to get out and run away.

Yesterday Will - that is one of the mans that lives in my house - he opened the door to take his bike outside and we goed too!

We wanted to go exploring.

But Will do not wanted us to go exploring.
So he runned after us to catched us and
we did not wanted to be catched so we runned faster.

We was being VERY BAD DOGS!! She sayed!!

But then there was some nice people who wanted to petted us.

Only they did not really wanted to petted us!!!

They catched us and gived us to Will and

Will carried us back home and gives us to She and Tamara.

Too bad!! That was almost a very big adventure!!


  1. Um, I think it was a little bit Wrong what you done! Even though it sounded fun.

  2. Yes, She is still pretty mad and worried about we running away.

    She sayed we skerred the bejeebers out of She.

    I do not know what is bejeebers but I think it do not be a good birthday present for She