Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today we maked a hole in the fence!

And we goes on the nother side of the fence!!

But we do not runs away too much!

I sits in front of that hole on the wrong side of the fence and whines and whines and cries and whines some more. I wants to come back in the right side! But I do not knows how. And Aswell runned away and LEAVED ME THERE!!!

He runned all the way round the garage and went and jumped at the gate to try to get in there where you're 'posed to get in. But he could not maked the gate open!

She comed to the door to check on us and She was so surprised we was not in the yard!!!

We surprised She!!!

I would not go through that hole to come in again so She hadded to go all the way around the garage to get me and I cried and whined the whole time. I was skerred!! I is not 'posed to be outside the fence!

And Aswell too!


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