Tuesday, December 21, 2010


These is not the bestest pictures cuz they is just phone pictures not good camera pictures cuz our grandma has the good camera pictures and She do not but Tamara sended these pictures so you can see me and Aswell in our clothes!

That is Mandy with Aswell. Mandy do likes us puppies but she do liked to dressed us up!

I think I could get to be a good model just like Daisy!

Aswell hadded clothes AND a pony tail on the top of his head!

Aswell might move too much to be a good model!
He is a more hyperdog than me!
And he do bees silly too!

She do thinks that Aswell might likes to has a coat to wear outside when there is snows. Because he do gets much colder than me. I has nice thick furs and I do not gets cold and shivery like Aswell does.


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  1. You done good modeling! I hope you got lots and lots of treats for modeling. It says so in the Cat/Dog Modeling Union Contract.