Saturday, December 18, 2010


We has a busy day.

We goed to a rena and we goed in but we do not gets to watch Mandy played hockey because there be too much interesting peoples at that rena and Aswell getted too excited and barky so Tamara tooked us outside to go for a walk and then we

We go in the car.

We do not go to the nother house!!!

We go to Mandy's house!

And there is lots of peoples there!!!!

Jess and Tamara beed there!! And mine grandma!!

Mandy and Alex and the mom and the dad is there!! We was all there for Alex cuz Alex is old now! He is all growed up!!

And more peoples too!! There beed mine grandma Uncle David and then Michelle comed too and it was all very exciting.

And me and Aswell was SUCH good pupppies!!

We didded not maked any messes in the rena or in the house or in our beds!!

And Aswell didded not chewed any stuffs Aswell is not allowed to chew!!
And we does not chased any cats that lived at that house too! But we did eatted some of their foods though.
And we letted Jessica and Mandy putted clothes on us too and we does not minded but you will has to wait for the pictures because they is on mine grandma's camera so we has to wait for mine grandma to send those pictures. But we was GOOD. And CUTE too!

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