Monday, November 22, 2010


She says today we is pains in the bum!

We is not pains in my bum!

Or Aswell's too!!!!

Must be She's bum!

I do not think we is pains!

We is just very, very busy!

And interested!

And we do thinks He should

gets He's bum out of He's bed!

Why do He sleeps so long?

There be so much to do!!!!

We keeps trying to tell He

but She keeps trying to make us stop

trying to make He

come play with us!!!

He will like to play with us!!

Don't you thinks so?!!

I thinks so!!

And Aswell too!!


1 comment:

  1. lmao it's a good thing you guys are cute...i think you guys are just spirited and inventive...but you have to remember that She and He are old, so you have to take it easy on them...they can't keep up so well :)