Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I do not likes doors today!!
I learns how to go up
stairs all by my own self!!
I hadded been so mad cuz Kali canned do it but not me!!
But now I does it too!
But today I wanted to go downstairs with She!
I wanted to go to school too!
But She closed the door in mine FACE!!
She sayed NO!
I runned down the stairs
and She did not letted me go to school with She!!
And THEN when I finished sulking about that,
I runned back UP the stairs
and then I finded out that
She closed the door to go in the couch room too!!
She locked me in the kitchen!!
She did not put me in the bed room
with He when she wented to school!!!
She did not put me in mine bed!!!
She leaved me in the kitchen
and there beed doors everywhere
but all of those doors was CLOSED!!
So much doors and I canned not go ANYWHERE!!
Doors is BAD!
I do not like them bad doors!

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