Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today She holds me.

He puts yuckies in my mouth.

I spits it out.

He and She and me fight!

Then He gives me new foods.

That food is cheeses.

But oh no!

The yuckies is in the cheeses!

Today I poops and poops.

I think that yucky is for pooping.

I poops too much!

She says I will has no worms.

I think worms is maybe better than so much pooping.
That picture is not me pooping.
She says that would not be a good picture for my blog.
So we posts a picture of me sitting for He's friend Rob instead.



  1. "He and She and me fight!"...i love that

    you should be a big girl and take the yucky medicine...

  2. Yes, it is best not to show pictures of pooping. It is hard to believe there could ever be anything bad inside of cheeses!

  3. Poor baby, she had no worms, she had to go thru that once... what is SHE'S name?? Id post pics of mom and dad but I dunno how and they just got new hair cuts!! :(

  4. She is Lauralee but I is Kalie. And I know I do not has worms but that doctor likes to gives those yuckies!

  5. Christine, if you can attach and send them via email, I will post them on the blog.