Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good News!

This time when I bited the 'lectric cord

It does not hurted me!

'Course, He is not so happy He's phone cord got eated.

But He fixed it.

He is very smart at fixing stuffs.


  1. Oh Aswell, it is really best not to bite any cords! You never know when one might make a hurty.

  2. She putted hot sauce on some cords to try to keep Aswell away but then Aswell licked She's fingers and chewed the paper towel with the hot sauce on it all up!

    Aswell likes hot sauce!

    She has to find something Aswell do not likes!

  3. lmao...weirdo puppy...makes sense he would like hot sauce half He's puppy but it's still funny

    and stop biting electrical cords...not a good idea, so stop it