Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aswell gets in more troubles!

I do not likes to tattle...
But Aswell is in troubles again!

He do has a new trick that makes
me and She and He all upsetted!
He is started running away!
When She opens the door to put us outside
Aswell tries to get away!
And if he do,
he runs and runs very fast!
Then He or She has to go finds Aswell.
And I has to bark and bark and bark!
I wants to go too!
I do not likes it when I is not allowed!

And do you knows what else?
I is a very good dog!
I do not gets in the garbage.
But Aswell do!

I do not chews He and She's stuffs!
But Aswell do!

That Aswell! He is always in troubles!
She says it is very lucky Aswell is cute!
And me too!

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