Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teaching She & He

I teach He & She lots.
I sit on She's foot.
She gives me foods.
I squeaks.
He or She goes door.
I a good teacher!

I teach Aswell too.

Aswell is not smart like me.

I beats Aswell up.
But not too much.
He and She do not like me to beat Aswell up.
Aswell pees and poops in the house!
Not me!

1 comment:

  1. As you can see, Christine, we are enjoying Kali so much that when the owner of the puppy Ross had originally wanted emailed us, we (after much dithering) decided to go for it and get him as well.

    After a bit of aggression (she can be a bit of a bully!) they settled right down and are getting along extremely well.

    He's a little older - but somewhat behind her in terms of training. She is SUCH a star - goes outside almost every time. Once in awhile we've missed the squeak that means she has to go - but when that happens she is 100% using the paper.

    Today I happened to catch her in a sit and gave her a piece of kibble for her "good sit!" ...ever since, she's been parking her little butt in front of my foot and sitting until I cough up another piece of kibble. LOL

    Vet on Monday, hopefully - will call as soon as I'm done school tomorrow.