Friday, September 24, 2010

Me new

Me needs a name. A girl name.

Sleepy me.


  1. Oh, this is very exciting and what a great tribute to Scrooge that you have opened your heart and home to another doggie! How about Licorice? On account of you are black, and kind of twisty (fur) and sweet like licorice?

  2. that was my first suggestion but He said no.

    He is being contrary - and the few names that He does like, Jessa does NOT.


  3. The four legged She is very cute! How old is she? How did she like the car ride home?

    I'll give my vote to whatever Jessica likes (probably)as she thinks up such different names.

  4. Hiya, I see you made it home safely?How is she doing? Did you get any sleep last night? The little one here sure misses her partner in crime!! I miss her, and knowing you will be a good mom and dad for her makes us feel good!! Thank you soo much and I apologize for all the tears I shed. :( . Names, I loke Molly!

  5. She was great last night. Whined for a few minutes when we put her in her crate and then settled down and went to sleep.

    She woke up around 6:30 and has been a busy little girl since then.

  6. Oh, and hi mom :)

    She is 10 weeks old and she was as good as could be in the car; slept most of the way home.

  7. Jayne from work suggests Ebony for a name, FYI