Friday, July 9, 2010

Driving the boat

No, not me, silly! Jessica and Mandy was learning how today.

They both gets they boat operator's licence today. They has to do a test! On the computer! Jess did she's first and she passed on her first try. And then Mandy did it and she finished and she pressed the button to score the answer and she BROKED IT!!!!

We thinked she might has to do the whole thing all over again cuz it broked right when she was finished but when She goes to see if She could print the license it was there. So she passed even though she broked they computer!

So now they has they licenses they wants to go drive the boat. First they helpered He do some stuffs to fixer the dock cuz He and Hank is always fixering that dock now ever since that tornado blowed it away.

And then we all goes for a boat ride and Mandy drived! And she did not hits nothing, neither!

We was following Hank in Hank's boat so we could see if it was working gooder since He and Hank did some more fixering on it. So Mandy drived where Hank did and she did good at driving that boat.
And then it were Jessa's turn and she drived the boat good too and she even parks it right at the dock on the first try and that is even gooder than She did with that boat. But He says it was different conditions for She's learning. So!


  1. someone needs to tell jess to put her hands at 10 and

  2. Hadn't realized that Mandy was getting hers too. Good for both of them. Now they will have to get their own boats. And now there will be lots and lots of people to take you for rides.
    (Does Mandy's big brother have his licence yet?)