Monday, November 30, 2009

Did you misses me?

I is sorry I does not post too much any more. She is on the computer ALL the time and She hardly ever lets me near it. And when She do, then I has to check in on Gather and takes care of mine farm on Farmville too. Today I will blog first though.

We is having a very busy day today. We had LOTS of car rides. We go to the old store house (not mine house, or mine nother house neither - this is a different house!) and lots of peoples likes to pets me and ask mine name and say how cute I is. So that was good.

But then She tricks me!

She tells me to gets in the van and I do and then She and me goes back to mine house. I doesn't know He is not coming and I whines all the way home cuz I wants to stay with He at the old store house.

And then She comes in and works for a little while but then She sneaks out and She leaves me there all by mine own self. She is very tricky today. I do not like that!

But when She comes home again, He comes too so that be good. Then we was all together again the way I likes it.

But then guess what?! We goes in the van again and we goes back to the store house again too! Boy He and She are crazy today! Some new peoples came to pets me and tell me how cute I is and I likes those peoples. And She does too cuz they gives She monies. She likes some monies!

And then we FINALLY gets in the van again and this time we drived all the way to the nother house and we drived past the first donut place and I whined but then we stops at the gooder donut place and we pees and eats donuts. I likes donuts!

And you know what? She still has one donut hiding in She's purse and She does not wants to eat it but I know it is there and it is CALLING ME! Really!! I wants to eat that donut now! I do not know why She is not eating that donut now! I will helps her!

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  1. sounds like you've had a busy day too...and hopefully she at least shared the donut with you, cus otherwise that would just be crazy mean

    and winslow and zebra both say think i need to get around to updating my blog and winslow's (and now zebra's blog too)...had been awhile and i do have a bunch of stories i could post