Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fires & Hot Dogs

I am askerred of thunders and loud noises and I am very glad they has stopped now.

We had thunders this morning and I hided under Her desk and shook. But now the rain is stopped and the sun is coming out and I think all the thunders is gone away.

But I am not askerred of fires. Except I doesn't go too close because they is hot. I likes hot dogs but I doesn't want to be one!

Jessa took this picture of me that makes me look like mine head is on fire but it is not so don't worry.

We had lots of fires when Jessa and Mandy was here. And they cooked hot dogs and marshmallows and other stuffs. I got lots of bites of other peoples' hot dogs but I liked my hot dog the best because it didn't have mustards or ketchups on it. Just meat. Meat is good. I says.

I didn't like marshmallows too much but I did like watermelons that they gave me too. But hot dogs is the best!
Scrooge the walker hound by the campfire


  1. Hahaha! You must be thinking very hard for your head to get on fire! I love meats, too. Harley likes watermelons, but I do not.

  2. Darlin's DNA markers stated English Coonhound, but she reminds me of you in your pictures, however she's all brown. Check out her pictures, she's scared of thunder too.