Saturday, July 11, 2009

My New Bed

It is too hot for all of us to sleeps in the bed. And She is getting more hots and that makes her cranky so She pushes me off the bed more times.

I used to go sleeps on the couch when I got pushed out of the bed but lately I been too skerred to sleeps out there all by mine own self so I was trying to sleeps on the part of the big blanket that She pushes off cuz She is too hots all the time.

So then He decided I should has a bed of mine own right besides their bed. He pulled the old sleeping bag out of the give away bag and She put it on the floor right besides the bed for me. It is at the corner so that they doesn't steps on me too much when they gets up. But sometimes She forgets I is there so She still do almost steps on me when She comes back. But She will learn, maybe.

I likes my sleeping place. But it doesn't has a pillow yet. I likes to have a pillow.

He says He should go upstairs and finds a pillow for Scrooge but He was maybe just joking. But I thinks it is a very good idea and He should gets me a pillow. Then my bed would be perfect for me.

Except when there is thunders. When there is thunders I still has to gets up on the bed. There was bad thunders this morning and I getted up on the bed and squished me right in between He and She. They didn't yelled at me or pushes me off because I was shaking so bad. Thunders is very skerry but it is not SO skerry when I am in the bed with He and She.

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  1. That's nice of them to get you your own bed and hopefully you get your own pillow! It is still a good idea to get into bed with them when it thunders though since that is very skerry!