Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guess What?!

Today He & She goes for a drive to the city to get things for killing bugs and they did not leave me at home all by mine own self.

I getted to go too!

I was a very good boy in the van. Mostly I just sits on my seat and looks out the window.

Except when they both went in the bug place, then I barked some.

She doesn't likes it when I barks at her all the time so when She came back out to take me for a walk while He was getting the stuffs, she stood and waited and waited.

It taked me awhile to figure out that She wants me to shut up but when I figures it out I does it and then She opened the door and I could get out.

I was so excited that I jumped up and knocked Her hat off Her heads but She didn't gets mad.

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  1. Do you want to hear a bug story? We saw some sawdusty stuff at the bottom of a doorframe, so we called our bug service person. He said "I doubt it's termites because we haven't had them in this development before" (it's fairly new). Guess what? We have the first case of dry termites in the area. We did not have to tent the house because we found it real early; they sprayed the two attic areas and used this foam stuff to poke into the doorframe. I do not like termites!