Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going Home

I had a good day at Lady's house. The Lady gived me and Lady chicken to eat. Not chicken like what comes in a can, chicken what comes on bones. But me and Lady can't have the bones though. Just the chicken. And gravy. We likes that.

Then when it was almost starting to get dark, She camed to get me. She can't drives yet so She rode on the wheels to come get me.

But she didn't ride them back mostly cuz Lady and the Lady came too so we all walks together until the road and then me and She went home and Lady and the Lady when the other way. I was sad. I kept trying to go backs and find Lady again but She doesn't let me.

At first when She started to ride the wheels I didn't stop trying to look behind to see if Lady was catching up but she didn't and then I was almost getting my nose in the wheels and I thought I should smarten up and run beside the wheels properly. So i did.

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