Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lady comes to MY house

Before when He had to go with She to school because she got broken and couldn't drive any more, I used to go stay at Lady's house.

Lady is bigger than me but she is a very nice and calm dog and we gets along good. And her lady, Diane, is very nice too and she cooks us good things to eat if we doesn't want to eat our canned dog foods.

Why would I eat canned dog foods if I knows that if I waits a while, she will cooks me good stuff like chicken or macaroni and cheese?

Anyway, I liked going to the lady and Lady's house but now I doesn't need to go there too much except to visit.

BUT today Diane called and asked if Lady could come and visit at MY house.

So we went for our walk and to the store and the mail place but then we didn't takes the trail way back home. We walked up the road and we went to Lady's house and then she got to come walk home with us.

And she is still here!

She is tired of playing with me though; she wanted to go outside and lay in the shade again.

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  1. I would love anybuddy who cooked me macarooni and cheese!