Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I wants to go too

Today He and Tamara keep going out and coming home again and every times I want to go too but they doesn't takes me.

He did takes me for one car ride - I got to go see Lady and the Lady. He sprayed her snowball plants for bugs cuz the bugs is eating her snowball bushes and the lady likes the bushes more than she likes those bugs. But then he bringed me home again and I wants to go again and I has to stay here with Her.

I likes Her too - but I wants to go with Him and Tamara more. She is not so interesting today. She filled her feeders and she pulled stuff out of the dirts and she cutted up some watermelon and she feeded me some though. And now she is cooking chickens and I can smell it and it smells SO good and I hopes there will be some for Scrooge.

There should be some chicken for Scrooge, don't you think? I says there should be.

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