Thursday, May 14, 2009

Note to Scrooge

Next time I get leaved home alone with my bone I should not plays with it over near the dumb box. It got stuck and there was no one here to helps me!!

After they got home again, I tries to tell them but they didn't get it for me until I stopped whining and tried and tried to get it out all by myself.

Then He got it for me and I putted it on his chair before He could go back and sit down cuz I wanted some popcorns.

I like popcorns but I am only allowed to have some if they throws it to me. I am not allowed to take it from the bowl, even if the bowl is on the floor. That is a rule.

He teached me that when I was a puppy because he eats popcorns sometimes when he gets up in the dark and then he goes back to sleep and I am not allowed to take any popcorns.


  1. LOL, this blog is addicting. I love it :D

  2. Scrooge, I am Not Allowed to eat popcorns from the bowl, either. But when my Mommie gives me some, she picks off just the white part so I don't have to eat the hard part in the center.

  3. Is there some hard parts in the popcorns? I never noticed!