Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Can Do It Too!!!

Look Daisy!! Look Harley!!
I can wears a t-shirts just like you!!

I wasn't too sure about it when Tamara and He started putting a Cottage Country Pest Control shirts on me.
Scrooge the walker hound in Cottage Country Pest Control t-shirt
And at first I wasn't so good at staying still so they could takes their silly pictures.

Scrooge modelling for Cottage Country Pest ControlBut then they got cookies! Peanut butter cookies! For Scrooge the t-shirt model. This is my ROYAL look.

This is my silly face.

He, She & Tamara
Tamara can make a silly face too. She is the short one - the others are He & She.


  1. Awesome modeling, Scrooge! I am very proud of you. I also model for delicious treats. It makes it all worthwhile.

  2. Like the shirts.

    Love the models

  3. That is one mighty fine shirt. Nice to met you!